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Mission & Values


To enhance the competitiveness of client organizations.

The basic tenet underlying the mission statement is that productivity (i.e. doing more with less), combined with innovation are the keys to competitiveness.

Our consultants provide consulting and skills transfer in:

  • Competitiveness & Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Lean enterprise deployment
  • Six sigma deployment
  • Supply chain management
  • Change management
  • Teamwork &
  • Negotiation skills.


Relationships: Cordatus employees and associates value their relationships with clients and fellow associates above all else. We foster an environment of trust, respect and integrity in our work with clients and amongst ourselves.

Partnering Relationships: Our vision is to become successful through the establishment and fostering of partnering relationships with our clients and associates, and in forming collaborative alliances with other enabling organisations as appropriate. Our partnering relationships are underpinned by the values we espouse in our relationships.

Client Value: We are committed to working with our clients to identify client value, and to deliver to that value to a high standard. We will work only in our areas of competence, and we refer clients elsewhere should such competence be exceeded. We monitor quality of service through the use of client-based feedback forms during training, and regular one-on-one review sessions with clients seeking feedback.

Skills Transfer: Our policy is to assist and enable clients to implement solutions to their problems such that they are self-sufficient in managing the subject area when Cordatus consultants and trainers complete the terms of the contract. Skills transfer is enabled by a portfolio of supporting measures including provision of soft copies of all training materials, introductions to communities of practices, site visits to successful practitioners, literature references and the establishment of in-house study groups.

Innovation: We encourage and enable clients to innovate when implementing solutions to problems. We delight in teaching old dogs new tricks and in developing innovative ways to enhance the learning process for our clients.

Lifelong Learning: We seek to learn of the latest developments in our subject areas, using a portfolio of supporting measures such as literature review, formal training and education, attendance at seminars and conferences, and the internet.

Confidentiality: Client issues are not discussed and client material is not used outside of the client site, unless with the express permission of the client. The exception is the necessary review and discussion that must take place between Cordatus consultants in the course of contract fulfilment and business management.

Lean Model: We work to a lean low-cost model to enable customised solutions to client problems and to optimise the cost of services to clients.

Money: We believe that the money will follow if we do the right thing. We work for a living, rather than working to make money.

Holistic Approach to Work and Life: Cordatus employees and associates espouse a healthy work life balance.


Cordatus takes special interest in the provision of basic housing needs and educational development of the marginalised in Irish society. We sponsor the charity Focus Ireland.