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Six Sigma Green Belt Test (20 Questions)

Test your knowledge for fun!

1. Measurement accuracy is attained when...

2. In a normal distribution 68% of the data will occur within...

3. The Risk Priority Number (RPN) in an FMEA exercise is derived from...

4. The Voice of the Customer

5. A planning method designed to show the tasks associated with a project, the personnel responsible for completing the tasks and the timelines allowed

6. A bar chart that depicts the frequencies of numerical or measurement data


8. An improvement process in which a company measures its performance against that of best-in-class companies, determines how those companies achieved their performance levels, and uses the information to improve its own performance

9. A control limit

10. For a set of data, the average squared deviation from the mean, with a denominator of n-1

11. Provides relationship between two variables, and provides a visual correlation coefficient

12. The objective of Design of Experiments (DOE) is to

13. A six sigma capable process will have

14. A pictorial diagram showing possible causes (process inputs) for a given effect (process outputs)  It is also referred to as the "Ishikawa diagram" or "fishbone diagram "

15. When the mean of the process is outside the customer specification limits the value of Cpk will be:

16. Six sigma black belt responsibilities include all of the following, except:

17. The middle value of a data set when the values are arranged in either ascending or descending order

18. One of the most common measures of variability in a data set or population

19. A sequence of 3 operations has first pass yield (right first time) rates as follows: 93%, 87% and 92%. The first pass yield rate is:

20. The following are indicators of out of control conditions on a control chart, except