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Useful Training Tools

“Learning is ever in the freshness of its youth, even for the old” Aeschylus (Greek playwright 525–456 B.C.)

Below listed are some gadgets and games that we have found of particular value in assisting our lean six sigma journey. Please note that Cordatus is in no way affilliated with the designers, authors or publishers of the items listed, and we receive no favours of any kind for the recommendations. Click on each image to access source material. Enjoy!

Supplier: Picsie Associates
Why buy it?: Taking the form a of a mock manufacturing plant and using Lego product, this is the most comprehensive workshop-based illustration of lean principles and practices that I have come across. It enables the facilitator to take a team of 10 to12 personnel through varying stages of lean evolution over a 3  to 4 hour timeperiod. Issues such as the 7 wastes, changeover, the small machine principle, mixed model scheduling, layout, cells, quality, 5S, and kanban can be clearly illustrated. It encourages team discussion in the resolution of manufacturing process problems. The game also enables to facilitator to quantify each successive improvement in terms of performance improvement and financial benefit to the organisation. Warning! The game is quite complex and take experience to facilitate. 
Target audience: Any cross functional team about to embark on lean implementation in manufacturing.
Best used as:
A repeating workshop with different groups within the same organisation, at the start of a lean journey. Also useful for reinforcing lean principles at all stages along the journey.

Other gadgets and games that will be reviewed soon….