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“One picture is worth ten thousand words”, Frederick R. Barnard (8 Dec 1921 retelling a Chinese proverb)

Below listed are some videos that we have found of particular value in assisting our lean six sigma journey. Please note that Cordatus is in no way affilliated with the authors or publishers of the videos, and we receive no favours of any kind for the recommendations. Click on each image to access source material. Enjoy!

See preview on YouTube at this link
Author & Publisher: GBMP Consulting
Duration: 27 minutes
Why buy it? It’s fun! This video highlights the seven deadly wastes found in both offices and in manufacturing processes. The process of making toast is used to represent the before condition and the target condition of a manufacturing or transaction-based process and helps your people to identify with the process of Kaizen(small and continuous improvements). The video has become so popular that GBMP is now running a competition for thr best YouTube spoof video!
Target audience: All employees setting out on their lean transformation journey
Best used as: A learning tool that introduces lean concepts at the start of the organisation’s or team’s lean journey.

DVD Title: THE 5S’s @ BOEING
Author & Publisher:
Boeing Plc
Duration: 40 minutes
Why buy it? An oldie but goodie, this Boeing video is still the best 5S training video on the market. The narrator takes us through a case study of 5S implementation on the shop floor, intersperesed with comments from the operators involved, and clearly illustrated before and after pictures. There is also a section on lean in the office. If you can take the dated clothes and hairstyles (and floppy discs!) it’s still worthwhile. 
Target audience: A team about to untertake 5S implementation. 
Best used as: This video can be used as part of a live implementation exercise.

YouTube Videos:

Video URL:
Duration: 7 mins 53 seconds 
Why view it? This video illustrates how many lean principles and techniques have been embedded in the Boeing 737 final assembly process. It shows techniques such at kanban systems, standard work, andon lights, trouble shooting teams, and Boeing’s extraordinary interpretation of Takt Time!

Video URL:

 4 min s 6 seconds
Why view it? A good basic introduction to the wastes found universally in manufacturing organisations.